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NEW CERTIFICATION – (CSQP) – Certified Supplier Quality Professional
ASQ recently launched its newest certification designed for supplier quality professionals who work with an organization’s supply chain and suppliers to continuously improve performance of key system components. The Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP) exam, developed by member leaders and sponsored by the Customer-Supplier Division, will be first administered during the September/October computer-based testing exam window. Among other topics, the certification exam tests knowledge on supplier strategy; business governance, ethics, and compliance; relationship management; and supplier performance monitoring and improvement. We are now accepting applications for the first available exam window in September/October for the CSQP exam. The deadline is August 15.
The Certified Supplier Quality Professional works with an organization’s supply chain and suppliers to continuously improve performance of key system components (increase lifecycle, reduce scrap, improve repair processes) by implementing process controls and developing quality assurance plans. The Certified Supplier Quality Professional tracks data, identifies improvement projects, and manages cross functional implementation to improve performance of key components and suppliers.

New Changes Regarding The Administration of Certification Exams

A Message From Community Development
This message has been sent to section member leaders.

Section leaders,
Earlier this month, we communicated the announcement that ASQ will be moving to computer based test (CBT) delivery for certification exams. This change affects the October exam administration. Exam applicants who have rescheduled or registered for the October exam have been contacted regarding this change. You will see additional information in coming weeks and months with updates about certification and the exam process in member leader and member communication vehicles.

As section leaders, however, your role in certification exam delivery has been significant. The change in test format raises additional questions unique to this audience. This message is intended to address frequently asked questions as it relates specifically to sections and their role in exam administration:

Q. How does this affect the October exam administration?
Beginning with the October exam, a testing window from September 29 – October 15 will be available. There will also be a window open December 1 – December 17. All exams will be offered via CBT, except for special administrations and translated exams. (Translated exams will be available via CBT in March 2017).

Q. Does my section need to find a site for the October exam administration?
No. With the move to CBT, ASQ exams will be offered through Prometric testing sites. The number of available location increases from 350 to 8,000.

Q. Will we need to report a proctor for the October exam administration?
No. The use of Prometric sites removes the need for a member leader proctor.

Q. Will sections be allowed to request special administrations?
If you are not satisfied with your local testing centers, you will need to contact us.

Q. Does this affect the recertification process?
No, CBT does not affect the requirements or process for recertification.

Q. How can a section support the certification program?
Continue to model and promote the value of certification to members and customers
Continue to offer certification preparation and refresher training and other professional development opportunities related to the certification body of knowledge. The change to CBT provides greater flexibility in the timing of these offerings. Additionally members and other potential examinees may be looking for alternative approaches to preparing for exams, such as study groups, discussion groups, ask the expert access, or mentoring. Leverage the expertise in your local community to connect these individuals to the support they may be looking for.
Promote opportunities for members to get involved in the certification program.
Sites for special administrations (if outside the 2 hour driving range).

Q. How can members support the certification program?
Job analysis workshops
Test specifications workshops
Item writing workshop (Virtual coming soon – stay tuned!)
Item review workshops
Exam review workshops
Standard setting workshops
Paper scoring for MGRs and MBBs
Proctor special administrations (paper and pencil exams)
Translated exams review (if you are fluent in Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, or Portuguese)
Exam development committees
As part of the transition, and to thank proctors for their contributions, those proctoring the June exam administration will be given additional recertification units. A separate communication will be directed to proctors in the next few days.

To help members and other interested customers understand exam requirements, please refer to our Certification webpage. For information specific to the CBT transition, please see the CBT webpage.

A CBT discussion has generated a lot of comments on the Member Leader LinkedIn page (if you are not already a member, please join and allow time to be added to the group). We will be contributing to the discussion to clarify items where needed. Feel free to join the discussion or direct your questions directly to our Certification team at cert@asq.org.

The transition to CBT presents an exciting new growth opportunity for ASQ. The reputation of our exams and the member experience so far are due in part to the contributions made by ASQ member units and member leaders. We appreciate all you have done to help the certification program and look forward to working with you in the future.

Based on extensive market analysis and feedback from our loyal members, ASQ is moving the administration of all certification exams from paper and pencil to computer based test, or CBT, delivery. The change will occur for all exams scheduled to take place from Sept. 28, 2016, onwards. (There may be some exceptions due to site location availability for International site locations.) We are delighted to partner with Prometric, one of the world’s leading testing and assessment providers to fulfill a desire of ASQ members to offer a variety of additional benefits including:

Additional annual exam administrations: from two to six

Additional days available for testing: from four per year to 102

Convenience of retesting: reduced from 6 months to 2 months

More test locations: from 350 to 8,000

Faster test results: from 10 days to 0-4 days (except for CSSMBB and CMQ/OE, which require paper scoring).

All English exam products will transition to CBT with the October and December 2016 administrations. Translated exam products will be available beginning with the March 2017 exams.

This progress brings change as it relates to the participation of sections as sites for certification exams and member leaders as proctors at those sites. We understand that the opportunity to serve members and customers by providing a testing location has enabled you to connect with quality professionals in your community and for proctors to earn recertification units. Sections will still have an important role sharing the value of certification and helping members and customers achieve certification by providing training or connecting those preparing for exams with subject matter experts. Sections and proctors may also support special administrations of exams, which will still be offered in paper and pencil format.

Contact Walt Milinichik at 610-657-4893 if you have any questions.

CertificateASQ certification is a formal recognition by ASQ that an individual has demonstrated a proficiency within, and comprehension of, a specific body of knowledge. Nearly 150,000 certifications have been issued to dedicated professionals worldwide.

Invest in your career and your future with an ASQ certification. Gain an advantage over your competition and increase your potential for a higher salary.

ASQ Certification: My Competitive Advantage in a Tough Economy Case Study – September 2011 (PDF, 361 KB)


Send Recertification Applications to:

Walt Milinichik

1220 Pennsylvania Street

Whitehall, PA 18052-6018


3 Year History of Monthly Meetings to Assist You in Your Recertification Application Meetings credit:
2014-2015 Meetings
2015-2016 Meetings

No. 1 Mistake made on Recertification Applications.

Applicants use an older revision of The Recertification Application with incorrect fees. Before recertifying, please click on the link below and check to see that you have the latest version.

No. 2 Mistake made on Recertification Applications.

Applicants whose job description includes training company employees also takes instructor credits for teaching these courses. In this case, you are already getting credit for working in a quality position which includes training company employees. One of the requirements for instructor credit is that any teaching you do would be courses you teach are taught in addition to courses that are covered under your usual job responsibility and verified as such in writing by your immediate supervisor or HR Dept. or from client.

Two Ways to Recertify:

  • Recertification Journal: Obtain a minimum of 18 recertification units during your three-year certification period. Document them in your recertification journal.
  • Sit for the exam. (Required if your certification expired and is past the six-month grace period.)

Recertification Journal

Download the Recertification Journal

Want to Help Our Section?

ASQ limits executive positions to a maximum of 2 consecutive years. We are looking for new volunteer’s currently employed in a Quality Function to help support some of our projects. If you can volunteer some time and are interested in a position, click on the ‘Contact Us‘ button to email one of the members of the executive committee. Help keep our Lehigh Valley ASQ Section moving forward in a progressive manner!


Monthly Meetings Attendance at our monthly meetings has a credit of 0.3 RU per meeting with a maximum of 9.0 RU’s over 3 years. This is an easy way to get a high percentage of the 18 credits needed for recertification.

Certification Retirement

If you are an ASQ-certified professional who has retired from full-time, active employment and have reached age 55, you may request a “retired” status to be designated on your certification wallet card(s) and other certification records.

You may apply for retired status up to one year before or after your certification(s) expiration date. There is a Retired Certification Status Form in your copy of The Recertification Journal.