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Do You Have Quality Positions Open?

EMPLOYERS – The LVASQ Website provides a free service for potential employers looking for qualified candidates. We will post the job for a 6 week period unless specified otherwise. Submit job postings to: Contact Webmaster.

LVASQ posts job openings strictly as a service to our members. As such, we reserve the right to review all postings for appropriateness before accepting and displaying them.

If you are not currently looking for a new position but know someone that is looking, please refer them to this webpage on our website.

ASQ HQ Support for Unemployed Lehigh Valley Members

Unemployed ASQ members receive a discount from ASQ on their membership dues based on consecutive years of membership. You will need to set up a login and password to View ASQ HQ Webpage.

ASQ Local Support for Lehigh Valley Members

Unemployed ASQ members may attend one certification preparation course offered by the Section per year for free provided the course is held. The only cost to you will be the course materials (textbook, manual, etc.) and the food service costs if this course is held during the day. The course must meet our minimum paid enrollment in order to be held. This offer is available to any ASQ member who has been in ‘good standing’ with ASQ for the previous 12 months. To apply for a course or for additional information, contact Richard Smith. You will be required to provide one of the following proofs of your situation for registration for a course:

      • The document to ASQ Headquarters of a suspension of membership fees due to unemployment.
      • A copy of your state unemployment agency form.
      • A letter of explanation from your immediate supervisor indicating your status.

You will be notified of the cost of materials and food service, if applicable